Everything is made, but few things are made well.

Volante Group is born from a driving passion of producing Premium Quality olive oil and the need for excellency in consumer’s products.
With an international vision and years of on-the-ground expertise, Volante Group combines traditional wealth with the application of latest technologies to offer our clients unrivalled quality and service. We maximize solutions resulting on great product for demanding clients.

Life is a Mission, not a career.

Our mission is to offer our clients 100% natural olive juice of the highest quality from the very best of local resources.
We have established new mechanisms of planting, harvesting and processing the olives, allowing us to outperform by far quality results to those on traditional methods.

A fresh way to look at the past by building on the future.

Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude.

We use a Super High Density plantation technique, a highly efficient plantation method which minimizes wastage and allows higher control over the olive groves during the different growing stages.
The harvesting method is less harmful to the tree and the olives can be transported to the on-site mill in under two hours from being harvested, producing the highest possible quality of Extra Virgin olive oil  with just 0.1% acidity.

Our Value is the sum of our values.

Excellence, trust, social responsibility and compromise are our main fundamental values. Having these values as the driving force for our Company allows us to keep finding better solutions for a higher demanding consumer with rights to access for quality natural supplies.

95% of the World’s olive oil is produced at farms of about 5 to 10 hectares, from old olive trees. The traditional olive cultivation methods practically have not changed in more than 2,000 years. This practice creates an extremely fragmented market and a highly inefficient industry.
Co-operatives make blended olive oil from hundreds of different producers mixing hundreds of different types of olives and oil qualities.
Through new planting techniques we modernized the olive oil making process producing consistently the highest quality olive oil at 0.2% acidity or lower.