100% Arbequina. Fruity, aromatic and soft flavours. Taste of fresh apple and banana. Practically without any bitter or spicy notes. Its use it’s recommended in its natural form; fresh, for breakfast, as well as a condiment to delicate dishes in which to avoid the presence of strong olive oils. Considered to be best variety to use in the preparation of mayonnaise or soft and delicate sauces. Arbequina is the most suitable variety to introduce children in the consumption of healthy olive oil, as well as for those people that are not used to consume olive oil. Arbequina is also widely used in baking as a substitute for butter.

La Valenciania Extra Virgin Olive Oil is only available in the Asian market.

La Valenciana premium 2


An exceptional 0.12% acidity single variety olive juice from selected olives at our super intensive olive oil plantation in Extremadura, Spain, land of Don Quixote. Using latest technologies and new improved ways of harvesting, our Premium olives are collected from the trees at their finest maturity point and transported to the mill within 30 minutes.
The olives are then immediately processed at low temperatures to obtain the most pure and full-of-nutrients’ juice, rich on natural antioxidants and Vitamins.
La Valenciana Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not just an extraordinary fruity favoured Premium EVOO but through most advanced cultivation and extracting technologies, it fully respects the environment and the olives trees. An exclusive and limited 100% Arbequina Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain.

La Valenciana natural 2


La Valenciana Natural is a Spanish olive oil that is guaranteed to retain the aroma and taste of its single Arbequina variety olives. From our super intensive olive oil plantation in the heart of Extremadura, La Valenciana Natural EVOO is the result of modern olive farming methods and high control in each step of the process.
With a production time of 6 hours from collecting the olive to extracting the precious juice, we can ensure to retain all the properties of the olives without any alternations from its natural form. By centrifugation and low temperature control, La Valenciana Natural is delicate and exquisite Extra Virgin Olive Oil to suit the most demanding palates.