Volante Natural 500ml | Extra Virgin olive oil with just 0.15% acidity | Arbequina | Product of Spain

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  • Directly obtained from the olives with a processing time of fewer than 6 hours from being harvested.
  • 100% Arbequina. One single variety. Fruity, aromatic and soft flavours. Practically without any spicy or bitter notes.
  • Super Healthy. Rich on Vitamin A, D, E, K and natural antioxidants.
  • Fruity, aromatic and balanced. Taste of fresh apple and banana. With elegant hints of almond in perfect harmony with green leaf and grass. Practically without any bitter or spicy notes.
  • Solely mechanical methods. The entire production process of the olive oil is done completely by mechanical means, from harvesting to bottling. This ensures a more efficient and cleaner way to produce high-quality olive oil.


100% natural olive juice, Single-Estate and Single-variety Arbequina. Carefully cold-milled, solely by mechanical means and with a strict working schedule. The olives become a natural fruity juice within less than 6 hours. The year-round care provided, especially during the harvest, ensures that this Extra Virgin Oil has a unique personality. By centrifugation, the oily liquid and the solid matter are separated, without any contact between the oil and the oxygen at any time. This ensures that the organoleptic and analytical characteristics of the olive oil remain perfect without suffering any alterations.