Volante Premium Extra Virgin olive oil 500ml | 100% Arbequina | Just 0.12% acidity | Produced within 4 hours from harvesting

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  • 1 bottle 500ml Extra Virgin olive oil. 100% Olive Juice. Directly obtained from the olives with a processing time of 4 hours from being harvested.
  • 100% Arbequina variety. 100% Arbequina. One singe variety. Fruity, aromatic and soft flavours. Practically without any spicy or bitter notes.
  • Solely mechanical methods. The entire production process of the olive oil is done completely by mechanical means, from harvesting to bottling. This ensures a more efficient and cleaner way to produce high quality olive oil.
  • Premium Quality. Early Harvest 2017/2018. Selected olives from more than 4,000 hectares of Super High-Density olive groves.
  • Only 0.12% acidity. The acidity is defined as a percentage of free fatty acids (oleic acids). The highest quality olive oil must feature a free acidity lower than 0.8%.


Our early harvest Premium olives are received at the mill within 30 minutes from being harvested and they are immediately milled to maintain full quality and all the health benefits on its wholeness, rich on Vitamin A, D, E, K and natural antioxidants. This precious olive juice is obtained in less than 4 hours from the tree. Volante uses a single-estate and single-variety olive, characterizing and standardizing its natural flavour. We do not mix olives from different groves nor we mix with other olive varieties. 100% Arbequina variety. Intense fruity flavour and practically without any bitter notes, Arbequina is the most recommended variety to introduce both new consumers and children into the consumption of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Only 4-6 hours of production. Timing is essential when producing olive oil. As soon as the olives are being harvested, the natural oxidization process begins. An efficient production way throughout the entire chain of production results on greatest quality. An Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the highest specifications.