BOTTLE: 500ml

Aceite de oliva virgen extra Volante, Extra Virgin olive oil Volante


Fruity, aromatic and balanced.

Taste of fresh apple and banana with elegant hints of almond, in perfect harmony with green leaf and grass. Practically without any bitter or spicy notes.
Goes well with all dishes. Its use is recommended in its natural form; fresh for breakfast, as well as a dressing to soften dishes that do not go well with strong olive oils.

Arbequina is considered to be the best variety to use in preparation of mayonnaise or soft and delicate sauces. It is also the most suitable variety for the introduction of children to the consumption of healthy olive oil, as well as for those people who are not used to consumption of olive oil.

Volante premium


Our first harvest Premium Arbequina olives are received at the mill within 30 minutes from being harvested and they are immediately milled to maintain full quality and all the healthy benefits on its wholeness, rich on Vitamin A, D, E, K and natural antioxidants. This precious olive juice is obtained in less than 4 hours from the tree.
The olives are collected at their finest maturity point, enhancing the juice’s quality and flavour. The first green olives of each harvest create our most prized Volante Premium Extra Virgin Oil of just 0.12% acidity.

Appearance: Intense green colour.
Nose: Fresh fruit aroma.
Taste: Intense, balanced and with body.

  • Very Low Acidity < 0.12%
  • Special Selection
  • Early harvest 2017/18
  • Limited Quantity
Aceite de oliva virgen extra Volante, Extra Virgin olive oil Volante


100% natural olive juice, Single-Estate and Single-variety Arbequina. Carefully cold-milled, solely by mechanical means and with a strict working schedule, the olives become a natural fruity juice within less than 6 hours. The year-round care provided, especially during the harvest, ensures that this Extra Virgin Oil has a unique personality.
By centrifugation, the oily liquid and the solid matter are separated, without any contact between the oil and the oxygen. This ensures that the organoleptic and analytical characteristics of the oil remain perfect without suffering any alterations.

Appearance: Green golden colour.
Nose: Aromas of fresh grass and garden.
Taste: Elegant with an intense finish.

  • Very Low Acidity < 0.15%
  • Cold extraction <27ºC
  • 100% Arbequina
  • 6 hours of production